Kirby Goering, accompanied by his wife, Christine, presented the program to the McPherson Lions Club about his PET project. PET in this case stands for Personal Energy Transportation and consists of building, assembling and delivering a hand-powered, three-wheeled cart for people who cannot walk. Parts of these units are built by persons throughout the United States and Moundridge is one of the towns which has an assembly plant. It is all done by volunteers.
PET is an international organization which gives these mobile units to the disabled youngsters and adults in 60 countries, people who otherwise had to be carried by others or who crawled or pulled themselves on the ground because, for example, they lost their legs by stepping on a mine or had a birth defect that left them unable to walk.
Kirby told of his experiences in delivering PETs to people in the Honduras. He showed a video of people needing the units in Vietnam and elsewhere. The video showed both the way those people had to conduct their lives before, and the joy they, their relatives and friends had when they were able to move about with the use of a PET. It changes their lives dramatically.
The units have wide tires to traverse rocks and sand in remote areas, where a wheelchair would not travel. With the hand cranks propelling a chain drive to the front tire the user of the unit does not have to have someone push them. The person must have good upper body strength, however.
The units are packed not with plastic bubbles or peanuts but with clothing, toys, tennis balls, and other items that can be used by the recipients. Clothes hangers are included as packing, since the people in these poor countries do not have wire to use or work with. A lot of thought and prayer goes into each shipment.