Marten prefers two-wheeled transportation

As gas prices remain high, some individuals might turn to bicycling to work to save money, but for Chad Marten, biking to work comes naturally.

Marten has been cycling to work for six years, a 20-minute ride for him.

Marten’s use of bicycles, which began as an interest in mountain-bike riding in high school, has benefited him at the pump.

“I didn’t get into it for that reason, but it has helped,” Marten said. “For me, I just enjoy doing it.”

He only uses his car occasionally and for out-of- town driving.

Marten has several bicycles and his latest one is assisting him in more ways than one. It’s an Xtra-cycle.

Xtra-cycle is the name of a company which sells modifications to bicycles which allow the bikes to haul loads and cargo.

The Xtra-cycle Marten purchased has allowed him to transport recycling, bags and his children, who he said enjoy the ride.

Although the modification extends the length of the bike, it’s usually not an issue.
“If you get a lot of weight on it you can feel it in the back,” Marten said.

This summer, Marten said he has noticed an increase number of cyclists, which he attributes to gas prices. More might be willing to cycle, even to work, Marten said, but are leery of some traffic situations.

“The big thing is they get afraid to ride on roads with higher traffic,” Marten said.
Marten said the problem of sweating, which sometimes is associated with cycling to work, is usually not a problem for him. He takes an easy ride to work and will change into his work clothes when he arrives.

With his love of bicycles and the price of gas, it looks as if Marten will be taking his work clothes with him for some time to come.