To the Editor:
A few months ago, one of my employees came to me and shared her frustration with the tampering of her vehicle. You see, she had an Evolution Fish emblem on the back of her car. You know the ones, the fish on all fours taking a leasurely stroll which, in kind, also displays a certain controversial philosophy. It is one she believes in firmly.    
She explained her frustration and pointed out that there are many people who believe in Evolution and still believe in the God of the Bible. I agreed. 
While I tend to take the belief that Evolution is a highly improbable theory and lean towards a more traditional view, I do see evidence on both sides, and therefore, do not see room to knock those who choose to believe Evolution. I am a Christian and I believe in a literal six days of creation with a seventh day of rest. 
Jesus often quoted from the first chapter of Genesis as fact. I do not believe blindly. I believe there is credible evidence on both sides, but one side leads to a nothingness I can not understand. That does not give me the right to go and tear Evolution Fish off of every car I see.
Jesus called us to love, not commit what could be received as hateful acts of vandalism. What if the owner of this vehicle is struggling with the idea of Christianity? What if she doesn’t want to be associated with Christians because of the wonderful history (insert sarcasm here) of the Church?
I know, let’s send her a message! Rip her fish off! That will teach her! But wait, there’s more! 
To make it even more obvious, let’s put a Christian Fish on her car a few months later! Then she will have no choice but to believe that Evolution is false because her E-Fish ran away and came back a Christian Fish.
It’s the story of the prodigal in fish form!  Surely, she’ll get it and convert...
Nope, I’m afraid not.  Now, I have to answer for all of Christianity as to why a Christian would steal her fish and replace it a few months later with the very symbol said Christian is misrepresenting...
I gotta love your zeal, but your presentation of Jesus’ love and His great gospel is sadly lacking...
Matt Stevenson