World Community Day will be celebrated with the theme, “God’s Wisdom Sets Us Free,” at 9 a.m. Friday, Nov. 7, at the Congregational Church, 224 S. Maple.
The McPherson Unit of Church Women United is sponsoring the event, designed by Cathy Smith and Rev. Kathleen Clark, members of the National CWU Celebrations Committee.
“The Prison Ministry-Read to Me Program” will be presented by Kim Stanley, English professor at McPherson College.
Many local and state CWU units have long histories of involvement in prison ministry. This service calls its participants to look at struggles in their own lives while reflecting on their calling to minister to others, especially those in prison.
According to CWU, taking a look at the “Golden Rule” as exemplified in different religions affords an opportunity to look at commonalties, rather than differences.
The philosophy behind the theme, “God’s Wisdom Sets Us Free,” explains how a person is bound by their human failings as well as prison walls and everyone needs to change and grow.
CWU was founded in 1941 as an ecumenical movement involving Protestant, Roman Catholic, Orthodox and other Christian women in the United States and Puerto Rico. Organized into 1,200 local and state units, CWU works for peace and social justice from a Christian base. It is a recognized United Nations Non-Governmental Organization.
For more information, contact the National Office of Church Women United at 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 1626A, New York, NY 10115.