During Tuesday’s McPherson County Commission meeting, commissioners approved a rezoning request submitted by John Fraser and Kendall Shaw to rezone 80 acres of rural property from agriculture (A-1) to single family residential (R-1).
The approval came after two weeks of debate and discussion by the commission and a recommendation from the county planning and zoning board to deny the request.
McPherson County planning and zoning administrator Kenneth Cook said the commission took into special consideration impact to adjacent property.
Shaw said the property in question is located north of town. The property is currently considered agriculture land but is not farmed.
The property will be divided into two, 40-acre sections. Plans have already been made to sell the east 40 acres — which is currently part of the state’s reserve system — to a third party. The land will not be developed and will stay in its current condition.
The west 40 acres will be divided into four lots, two of which will be owned by Shaw and Fraser, a third owned by the same family that will own the east 40 acres and the fourth lot has already been spoken for.
Shaw said the group’s work is not done. Once the property has been legally rezoned, it will have to be replatted to show the new property lines.
In other meeting news:
•John Hawk, general manager for McPherson Area Solid Waste Utility, submitted his request for approval of the McPherson County and Central Kansas Regional Solid Waste Authority five-year solid waste management plan review.
Unlike the usual annual review, Hawk told the commissioners the five-year review was a little bit more comprehensive and covered and included members from McPherson, Harvey and Marion counties.
The board approved Hawk’s review.