Judy Carson spoke to the McPherson Lions Club at their Thursday dinner meeting on her recent trip to Israel.  She was not enthusiastic about the many man made and gaudy churches and the general thoughts of “this is about where” or “thought to be” the site of where something happened.  But she was impressed by the Masada fortress where she could see where things actually and without a doubt took place.  Masada was built by Herod and contained one of his palaces.  It was where 960 Israelis lived when 8000 Roman troops tried to get rid of these last Jewish holdouts.  She said you could see where the Roman’s camps were in the valley, where the people lived in the fortress with provisions to “last forever” and where the Romans built a ramp to the top of the mountain to storm the fortress.  The Jews there killed themselves to avoid capture.
 She also was impressed by the Wailing Wall where they visited on the Jewish Sabbath and also during a Bar Mitzvah held there.  She enjoyed a visit to the Dead Sea, where she just couldn’t get below the surface of the water because of its salt/mineral content.  She spoke briefly about the various people who make up the area including Jews, Muslims and Arabs, their histories and conflicts with one another.
 She and her husband Bob are next planning a trip to Nepal and the Himalayas.