The McPherson Rotary Club met for lunch at AMICS.  President Becky Goss welcomed Ted Odle as a guest.  Reminders were given about the upcoming GSE Team coming the first week in May and the drive for Polio Plus donations.
Sgt. at Arms Mike Rausch announced birthdays & anniversaries.  He also gave thoughts for the day.
Rotarian Dick Nichols introduced the two candidates for Mayor of McPherson; he asked them to first to tell why they decided to run for the office and for a discussion of their ideas for what they propose to do about housing for the employees that work in McPherson.  Nichols pointed out that many of the workers in the city do not live in McPherson.  Even though employment is strong our population is declining which causes our tax base to lower over time.
Tom Brown won the coin toss to go first.  He decided to enter the race last fall & hopes to identify the strengths of the people working in government and build a cooperative spirit to approach the tasks that face the city right now.
The main goal to solve the affordable housing issue is multi-leveled and Brown looks to the following choices as solutions. (Habitat of Humanity, apply for housing grants to rehabilitate existing housing & neighborhoods, work with McPherson housing coalition, modular homes in designated areas, housing area which would give ownership but more time for families by supplying amenities such as lawn care etc.).  Addressing specials also would help McPherson plan for the future.
Tony Fiedler spoke second.  The reason he decided to run for mayor was because he has always been involved in McPherson in many areas which includes committees for the city as well as the Legion & other organizations that work for the good of the city.  He believes that he can bring an orderly growth for our community by striving for intergovernmental cooperation.  He agrees that affordable housing for our citizens is necessary.  He stressed that to get to this goal we all need to become involved.  Banks, Real Estate people & builders can work together, first of all to build lower cost homes and find ways for financing so that more of the employees will be able to live in McPherson. Other organizations need to work together with the city to encourage our young people to remain or return to our community after they have gone away for further education.  
Both candidates encouraged all of us to vote.  A Q & A session followed the presentation.