The McPherson City Commission Monday approved a $39,000 bid from Hazen Construction of Mulvane for construction of a wall on the east boundary of the McPherson Cemetery.
The bid is for the construction of a wall that will run 650 feet, stand six feet tall and separate the cemetery from the subdivision located to the east.
A four-inch mow strip will be created to help cemetery crews better navigate around the wall when mowing.
Commissioners have worked on creating a wall on the east side of the cemetery since 2008. Hazen submitted its bid Jan. 30 but Mayor Bill Goering tabled the issue, questioning if the city would receive enough revenue to fund the project.
On Monday, Goering said figures from the first three months of 2009 indicate tax revenues are stable.
In other meeting news:
•Commissioners approved a request from McPherson contractor Cecil Randa to block a portion of Northview Road for the removal and transport of a storage shed. Randa said he is moving a storage shed out of a client’s backyard and moving the shed to a nearby home. One lane of Northview Road will be block from about 8 a.m. to before noon one day next week. Randa said he was unsure of the move day but agreed to notify police and the street department the day before the road was blocked. Commissioners also accepted a gift from the McPherson Area Contractors Association (MACA) in the form of a pull-down projector screen for the Lakeside Cabin. MACA holds its monthly meeting at the cabin and Randa said a screen would be useful.
•Commissioners approved an encroachment easement to the American Legion building for the construction of a handicapped sidewalk access ramp
•A show cause hearing was set for 9 a.m. May 11 for the property at 215 E. First Street. The commission declared the property abandoned after sufficient evidence was presented by city building inspector John Puchosic.
•A resolution was approved declaring the property at 319 S. Oak Street an unsafe and dangerous structure. The resolution gives property owners Michael and Taren Clement two days to remove all trash and debris from around the garage and until May 10 to remove the garage structure.
•Commissioner approved McPherson public works director Doug Whitacre’s request to purchase two, 55-gallon drums of polymer from Fort Bend Services for $1,980. The polymer is used in the sludge dewatering process at the city’s wastewater treatment plant.
Commissioners also approved Whitacre’s request to pay Mid-Kansas Coop $5,200 to spray city fields six and seven with pesticide to prevent the growth of weeds.
Whitacre also reported that bidding will open at 1 p.m. today for work at pump station No. 8.
•City administrator Gary Meagher presented commissioners with a resolution authorizing financing for the entire amount of the pump station No. 8 improvement project. Commissioners approved the resolution.
•McPherson Board of Public Utilities general manager Rick Anderson reported that 771 customers in the southeast part of the city were without power for 61 minutes Saturday after the top of a electrical pole caught fire, causing a line to break and hit a transformer. The impact caused oil to spew from the transformer box. Anderson said crews quickly isolated the situation, restored power to customers and began cleanup efforts. The city’s cold weather rule will end tomorrow, April 1, and that customers are behind in their payments to BPU should contact the utility as soon as possible. Anderson also reported that crews have completed meter reads and the utility is in the process of setting sewer rates for next year.