Old jeans, shirts, shoes and dresses are being given new life thanks to Michelle Stolzenburg, store manager for The Hidden Closet. The consigment store gives residents an opportunity to find a second life for used closing and accessories.
On Saturday, The Hidden Closet, located at 206 N. Main, adjacent to The Bookshelf, held its grand opening. After three months of preparation, Stolzenburg said she couldn’t be happier about the store’s opening. The store is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday.
“I was so excited this morning,” said Stolzenburg. “I was a little shaky, but so excited to see all the friendly faces. It's been a great opening.”
Stolzenburg, who previously worked as a clerk at a consignment store in Pratt, said she really loves helping people find outfits and is very proud of the quality of clothing the store has been receiving from McPherson residents.
“It is just a fun place to come down and shop, you are going to find something good wherever you look,” said Stolzenburg. “People's responses have been awesome. People have told me this is the best store they've ever been to and that it compares to stores in Wichita. This is exactly what we wanted, people to be excited about shopping in McPherson.”
Stolzenburg said opening the store was a smooth process without major hang-ups due in part to the people in the community who were more than willing to bring in clothes and help out in whatever way was needed.
“We are so impressed by the quality of clothing people have to offer here in McPherson,” said Stolzenburg. “People here have been very generous to us and we can’t thank them enough.”
The store offers everything from jewelry to pants. The store is geared toward the whole family, with men, women, children and teen clothing on display. Stolzenburg said she realizes it’s a competitive market, but she said The Hidden Closet bases its prices on clearance prices at other stores.
“There is nothing like it in McPherson,” said Stolzenburg. “You are getting a name-brand item for a great price.”
Though the store is open, Stolzenburg said they are always looking for items. People can bring  up to 12 items at a time. Stolzenburg said the store is currently looking for children, teen, plus size and maternity clothing. The only requirements for the clothes is that they be on a hanger, clean and without blemishes.
“We are not only helping the shoppers coming in, but we are helping the people that bring their cloths in as well,” said Stolzenburg. “People are making money off of the cloths they sell and at the same time, everyone loves our prices.”
Linda Rounds, owner of the Bookshelf and The Hidden Closet, said she wanted to thank everyone in McPherson for being so supportive of the new store and for bringing in their cloths.
“I feel like I've hit a nitch that people were really needing and wanting,” said Rounds. “It makes us feel good to know we are giving people what they need.”