Saturday’s storm created damage throughout the county uprooting trees, moving farm equipment and breaking electrical poles. But the storm also did the city of McPherson some good. When the county’s emergency management agency activated the tornado sirens in McPherson, four the city’s 11 sires did not sound.
Emergency management agency director Dillard Webster said the agency tests the city’s sirens every two weeks and at last test all 11 sires were working properly.
But wind and high winds between the last test and Saturday’s storms caused four sirens to quit working. Some of the four non-functioning sirens were among the city’s oldest and most reliable sirens.
“The storms have really hurt us,” Webster said. “High winds and lightening have damaged some of our sirens. All of the sirens worked during the last test so we believe the recent severe weather was the cause.”
After a second test Wednesday, Webster said two sires were repaired. The two additional sirens — one needed a new motor and a second needed repairs to the control box — will be fixed as soon as possible.
The sirens will be tested again at 11 a.m. Wednesday. Residents are encouraged to listen for the sirens on Wednesday and inform dispatch if a siren does not go off.