Time for another round of sports news and views...
News -- The West continues its mastery of the East in the 36th annual Shrine Bowl with a 14-7 victory Saturday.
Views -- We kept our eyes on McPherson High’s Zach Peterson, who always seemed to be around the football from his defensive line position. Peterson helped a West defense totally stuff the East, except for one long pass play when a coverage was blown. Even though the score was only 14-7, the West seemed superior in all facets and the East should have felt fortunate to lose by only one score.
News -- McPherson College signee Jacob Snodgrass of Derby showed some electric moments as he shared quarterbacking duties for the West.
Views -- Even though Snodgrass is on the somewhat smallish side at 5-10 and 170, he showed a lot of moxie. He was 9 of 16 for 62 yards and had a nice run at the end of the game that sealed the victory. Mac College coach Brian Ward certainly has to be excited about signing a QB the caliber of Snodgrass, who will come in and learn from potential All-KCAC quarterback Shane Mascarenas this fall.
News -- Hutchinson’s Nate Dreiling earns MVP honors for the West in the Shrine Bowl.
Views -- Dreiling clearly was the best player on the field, with 12 tackles and an interception, not to mention he was the team’s emotional leader. Bullpup fans no doubt are glad to see that he’s gone, along with bookend defender Forrest Stucky. Hutchinson is still going to be the best team in Kansas this fall, but it will miss the Dynamic Duo terribly.
News -- Michael Vick is reinstated to the NFL with a passel of restrictions.
Views -- As heinous as Vick’s actions were, he has paid his debt to society. He spent nearly 1 1/2 years in jail and like everyone deserves a second chance. It will be interesting to see which team decides to bite the public relations nightmare and sign him. He’s still better than two-thirds of the quarterbacks in the NFL.
News -- Billy Butler has a five-hit game for the Royals in a rare 5-3 victory Monday over Baltimore.
Views -- Even though Butler wasn’t as high a pick as No. 2 overall pick Alex Gordon, he appears to have a brighter future. Butler is a hitting machine who is only going to get better. Gordon, slowed by injuries this year, never has shown that he’s going to be more than an average third baseman.
News -- The Royals receive three shutout innings from reliever Robinson Tejeda in their win over Baltimore.
Views -- At least for one night, the Royals’ bullpen actually did its job. While the hitting has been terrible, it’s the bullpen that has been the main culprit in the Royals’ free fall. The inconsistent Tejeda is the kind of guy, though, who could give up four runs his next time out.
 News -- It’s been 10 years since Barry Sanders shocked the NFL by retiring.
Views -- If he had played for a winner, how many yards would he have had?