More than 31,000 bags of trash – that’s just an average of what Adopt-A-Highway groups in Kansas remove from along roadways each year.
This number is a rough estimate by the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT), that sponsors the program, taking the number of groups and multiplying them by an average of 15 bags of trash per clean up three times a year. But it illustrates the positive impact the Adopt-A-Highway program has in Kansas.
“Most people don’t realize how much trash is along our roadways and what a serious problem littering is,” said Angel Fitzgerald, KDOT’s Adopt-A-Highway Coordinator in northeast Kansas. “Adopt-A-Highway groups in Kansas do an incredible job of helping keep our state clean.”
Those groups’ efforts have been taking place for a long time. In fact, Adopt-A-Highway is celebrating its 20th anniversary in Kansas this year.
“Take 20 years times 31,000 bags – that’s a lot of trash that is not polluting our environment, harming our wildlife or making our state unsightly,” Fitzgerald said. “Everyone who participates in the program should be proud of their hard work.”
New groups can always join the program. Groups are asked to sign a two-year agreement with the program and to clean their sections of roadway three times a year at their convenience.
Any non-profit group that does not discriminate based on race, religion or sex can adopt a section of roadway. Youth groups with members at least 11 years old are also eligible. KDOT provides each group safety training, trash bags, orange vests and signs for their adopted stretch of highway.
The annual Clean Up Kansas Campaign is taking place during the month of April. All Adopt-A-Highway groups are encouraged but not required to participate in the statewide event. Motorists are asked to use extra caution as people with bright orange vests will be working next to the highways.
For more information, contact the KDOT office in your area.