DODGE CITY – With an overwhelming Senate vote of 34-3, the Kansas Senate passed SR 1809 today, the resolution condemning the controversial recent EPA “endangerment finding” that greenhouse gasses (including methane and carbon dioxide) are “harmful pollutants.” The measure was sponsored by Senator Tim Huelskamp.
“It is clear to me that the EPA and the Obama Administration are attempting to foist a massive new regulatory scheme upon America via bureaucratic fiat,” said Huelskamp. “Taking such a route not only bypasses the normal avenue of input from the American people, it also circumvents the federal legislative process. And the reason is simple - because Congress and the American people refuse to support and pass their radical cap-and-trade bills.”
Huelskamp’s resolution was supported by Congressman Jerry Moran, Congressman Todd Tiahrt, and Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins.
The controversy began on December 8, 2009 when EPA administrator Lisa Jackson issued an “endangerment finding” declaring greenhouse gasses to be “harmful pollutants.” Among the gasses declared to be harmful were both methane and carbon dioxide. This ruling by-passed the normal means of legislating and paved the way for regulation and eventually taxation by the EPA of greenhouses gasses.
Other prominent influential Kansas organizations supporting the action were the Kansas Farm Bureau, Kansas Chamber of Commerce, Kansas Grain and Feed Association, Kansas Co-op Council, and KS Agribusiness Retailers Assoc, KEC, Sunflower, KEPCO, and Midwest Energy.