McPherson College’s Behavior Science Department hosted its first “Behavior Mania” festival Thursday, in the hopes of attracting high school talent that is already interested in the field.
“As a department, we hadn’t been connected with high school students with an interest in psychology and sociology,” said McPherson College Behavior Science Department Chair Dr. Bryan Midgley.
The students, some of which came from as far away as Sedgwick County, participated in activities designed to be both fun and educational. Some students participated in an exercise where they were given samples of Jello where the color did not match the flavor.
“Where there’s a conflict of interest between what we see and what we taste, we tend to go with what we see,” Midgley said.
Other activities had students trying to determine who was telling the truth between two people, based on body language and other non-verbal indicators. Students also learned about group dynamics and how the mind can fill in gaps with what a person sees or hears, given incomplete information.
After the workshops, a panel of McPherson Behavioral Science Alums came back for a forum and question-and-answer session with the students.