Spring´s cycle of renewal has recharged the Kansas Agriculture and Rural Leadership (KARL) Program with the announcement of a $10,000 contribution for the not-for-profit educational
institution from the Archer Daniels Midland Company. The long-standing donor was renewing support for the 20th consecutive year and helping KARL, Inc., with its year-long celebration of the KARL program´s 20th anniversary.
"ADM believes we have a responsibility to the communities where we live and work, and we work to meet the needs of our communities in many ways," said Mirinda Rothrock, community engagement manager, ADM. "We are pleased to support the KARL Program and its efforts to help develop the next generation of agricultural leaders."
Jack Lindquist -- KARL, Inc., president since the 501c3 group´s inception in 1990 -- said that "continued support is vital to our efforts to carry on the delivery of a celebrated educational program for our future leadership base. The investment of $10,000 from ADM each fiscal year is akin to preparing for planting season. The funds allow us to grow that next crop of agricultural leaders and maintain our goal to be the preferred partner in developing excellence in agricultural and rural stakeholders."
KARL, Inc., meets its mission by designing and offering challenging and illuminating education and enrichment activities, as well as a forum for continued engagement. Its initial curriculum takes two years and includes trips to Washington, D.C., and to a foreign country that could be a bigger Kansas trade partner.
"Counting KARL Class X, we now have 300 participants from 96 Kansas counties who are beneficiaries of the KARL training experience," Lindquist said.
KARL graduates are ambassadors for rural communities, agriculture and
the way of life associated with each. The knowledge, contacts and
skills they gain in KARL allow them to "do their best to bring
knowledge, expertise and an effective voice for small communities and
agriculture in Kansas," he said.
ADM is one of the largest agricultural processors in the world. It transforms such crops as corn, oilseeds, wheat and cocoa into food, feed, fuel and industrial materials used each day by consumers and businesses around the world. ADM connects farmers´ crops with the needs of the global marketplace via crop sourcing, transportation, storage and processing assets in more than 60 countries,
KARL´s offices are located in Manhattan, with Kansas State University Research and Extension through an in-kind gift of office space and access to services. For more information, interested persons can visit the program´s Web site at www.karlprogram.com or call 785-532-6300.