Over the last 28 years it has been my honor to be a practicing physician in Emporia. Like most doctors, I view my profession as much more than a job. One thing I’ve learned is that everyone’s needs are different; there is no one size fits all treatment. I’ve had patients with the sniffles that believed they were dying and patients who were dying that thought they had the sniffles. The years I’ve spent seeing those patients help me understand the difference and the correct treatment.

That is why the current healthcare reform bill scares me so much. The bill will not improve the care you receive. In fact, it will probably do the opposite. The bill will undoubtedly lead to the rationing of healthcare.

Insurance premiums will increase and too many businesses will opt to drop their coverage and simply pay the penalty.  Bureaucrats will dictate the rules, not patients. If Members of Congress think it’s such a good idea, then they should put their own families on this plan.

Probably the most troubling aspect though of the new bill are the taxes, fines and mandates it places on Americans. For the first time in our nation’s history, the bill would require an individual to buy health insurance. Never before have we required a person to purchase a service or a good just for simply being a citizen. If you do not comply, then you will be fined.

The bill is projected to cost nearly a trillion dollars. Many experts believe that figure is on the low end. Instead, the bill sets up the framework for this country’s next unsustainable entitlement.

However, it robs billions from seniors in order to pay for this monstrosity. It would cut $500 billion from Medicare. This is at a time when our unfunded liability for Medicare is $37 trillion over 75 years.

The bill will dig us so far into debt that Washington will soon be asking to raise your taxes to pay for it. There isn’t enough money to tax only the wealthy. Someone is going to have to pay for this and it will be you.

This legislation is bad policy. If elected, I will lead the fight to repeal it! I was one of the first candidates for Congress to sign on to a “Repeal It!” pledge. My beliefs against this legislation aren’t political and they aren’t for personal gain. My beliefs are deeply rooted in my 28 years of experience as a physician serving my community.

When I became a Doctor, I swore the Hippocratic Oath. One of its principles is that I will first do no harm. There is no question in my mind that this legislation will do much more harm than good.