The McPherson Public Library is encouraging residents with photographs of the city’s history to donate them to the library’s McPherson Room collection.
“Part of our history is fading away. People aren’t saving photos of historic McPherson,” said Library Director Steve Read. “We want to encourage people to donate.”
Read is working with City Commissioner Bob Moore, who has donated several photographs from his own collection. The library is able to keep the photos in its archives, and if citizens want to keep the photograph, scan them to a digital archive and either E-mail the photo back, or keep the digital copy.
The library is in the process of developing an online database where interested residents can take a trip back in time to see the city as it was 100 years ago.
“There are probably people out there who have pictures,” Moore said. “We want everyone to able to enjoy them.
The library already maintains a file, consisting of already donated photos and old newspaper clippings.
“We’ll happen across old photos,” Read said.
To donate to the library, contact Read at (620) 245-2570, or e-mail him at