Job description: Bursh is responsible for indentifying community needs, evaluating chamber of commerce programs, making recommendations for change as needed, measuring progress and attaining goals set by chamber committees. She is also responsible for development and implementation of a plan to maintain the Chamber’s membership at a level which will ensure necessary income for future chamber operations.

7 a.m. She attended the Chamber’s agriculture committee meeting. Burch sits in on the Chamber’s committees to listen, contribute her ideas and guide committee members. She is also on Main Street’s revitilzation committee and attended their monthly meeting earlier in the week. By attending meetings like these she is acting as an ambassador to the McPherson community for the Chamber.

10 a.m. Each day Burch answers phone calls and at least 100 e-mails. Staying in contact with the community is another part of Burch’s job, which gives her the opportunity to help shape the community.

1 p.m. Burch worked on putting articles and other content in the community newsletter. She is responsible for producing the Chamber’s newsletter each month. She has to supply about 70 percent of the content and organize the the articles from area organizations. Producing the community newsletter and news releases is a way Burch stays in contact with Chamber members and the public.

3 p.m. Burch coordinates the Leadership McPherson sessions each month. Today she prepared the meeting room for their session the next morning by setting candy on the tables and writing inspirational quotes on posters to put on the walls. She said its been proven that giving people something to do with their hands and posting inspirational quotes keeps them focused on the meeting.