Congressman Jerry Moran cast a vote today for fiscal responsibility and open government when he supported passage of H.R. 5146 in the House of Representatives to eliminate the annual cost-of-living increase for Members of Congress next year. Moran also sponsored H.R. 5146, which passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 402 to 15.
Current law provides automatic annual cost-of-living increases to Representatives and Senators unless disapproved by Congress. If the legislation passed today by the House of Representatives becomes law, it will be only the third time since 2000 that the cost-of-living adjustment has been withheld.
“When times are tough, Kansans expect their government to act like they do—to make sacrifices and cut spending,” Moran said. “One of the first places Congress should look to cut spending is the annual cost-of-living increase for Representatives and Senators. There should be no increase in congressional pay until Congress listens to the public and cuts spending.”
Moran has been an advocate for reforming the way in which Members of Congress receive cost-of-living increases. He is a sponsor of H.R. 1597, which eliminates the automatic pay increase altogether.
“I have long been opposed to the hidden process by which Members of Congress get an increase in their pay,” Moran said. “The lack of transparency in the yearly raise only serves to increase skepticism, disillusion and distrust of government.”