In a special meeting, members of the USD 419 Board of Education unanimously approved a proposal for Canton-Galva High School that addresses several curriculum issues. The four-point proposal provides additional support for at-risk students as well as opportunities for early graduation and early release for seniors beginning in 2012.
One facet of the proposal address deals with students who are not on track to graduate and establishes summer school to provide opportunities for credit recovery. The plan would require students who are more than one credit behind to attend summer school. Only those students who successfully complete summer school would be eligible to enroll in the OdysseyWare computer program during the school year to recover credits.
 Summer school will include 22 four-hour days; that time equals a semester of class time. Students would earn a half-credit during summer school and could save all course work beyond the half-credit, to be completed in the Learning Support period during the next school year. If a student is more than one credit behind, he could possibly enroll in OdysseyWare during the school year if he successfully completed summer school.
Students in summer school would be eligible for a free lunch provided in the program at the elementary school.
To support the success of the at-risk students, the board approved hiring an at-risk coordinator. The at-risk students would be enrolled in one hour to work on organizational skills and to get additional help; the course will be taught by the part-time at-risk coordinator. This person would be in daily contact with teachers and parents to help monitor homework, missing assignments or other student needs.
Other provisions approved in the proposal would provide seniors with two options to their high school career in the final semester: early graduate or second semester release time.
Early graduation would be an option for seniors who maintained a 3.00 grade point average in the first semester. A student would be required to be enrolled in College Prep English at C-GHS and in English Comp I through Hutchinson Community College during the first semester. These students would not be able to enroll in courses that require a full year commitment, such as newspaper, yearbook and industrial arts classes.
Students opting for this plan would be able to participate only in a fall sport. After December, the4se students would be considered alumni and would not be eligible to participate in second-semester activities, such as Prom, FBLA competition, May Fete and other dances. These seniors would be able to participate in the graduation ceremony in the spring.
Seniors seeking early release would need parental approval if they were not yet 18 years old; any senior who is already 18 will be required to meet with school officials for counseling about this option. Any senior seeking early release must be on track to graduate and must pass all classes first semester. Early release also precludes enrolling in any courses requiring a full year commitment.
Seniors who take advantage of this option would not be able to participate in sports, but would be eligible for other school spring activities. Any senior on this track who received Academic Warning on the state assessments would be required to enroll in the at-risk class for remedial math or reading. A student whose coursework involves an Individual Education Plan would need the approval of the IEP team.
Also during the meeting, the board approved the calendar for 2010-11; following three executive sessions, they also approved teaching contracts for teachers in the three district buildings. A fourth executive session involving negotiations did not result in board action.