The McPherson Industrial Development Company (MIDC) released its third quarter report Monday, showing that while the recession is still affecting business, McPherson continues to escape the worst of it.
Recently, the Associated Press ranked McPherson County as the 18th least economically stressed county in the nation with a population of over 25,000 - a fact emphasized in the report.
The report also hints at possible future development and expansion in McPherson industry.
“While several industries have expansion plans under study, most were reluctant to make a commitment until they felt confident that the economy would have a sustained improvement,” the report states. “However, American Maplan did submit an application for a Kansas Industrial Training Grant for the purpose of training additional employees projected to be hired in the next few months.”
The report also states American Maplan is considering applying for a High Performance Incentive Program Kansas Income Tax Credit, pending a possible equipment expansion the company is considering. Femco is also considering applying for the credit as well.
Furthermore, the report mentions a possible food distribution center that could be set up at property in BPU’s Industrial Park.
“It is unknown at this time how many new jobs it would bring or whether an agreement can be reached that is acceptable to both parties,” states the report. “We are, however, optimistic that terms can be agreed to.”
The employment picture in the county is equal to, or better than surrounding counties, according to the report. McPherson County, in the preceding quarter, had a civilian work force of 16,367, with 15,562 workers employed, leaving an unemployment rate of 4.9 percent.