My husband, Roger Locher, and I had the pleasure of participating in McPherson's Veterans Day celebration (Roger was the speaker at the program following the parade). What a class act your city's celebration was, thanks to the participation of the veterans organizations, Chamber of Commerce members and other community participants.
We enjoyed walking in the parade and seeing the entire parade route lined with adults and students alike, waving flags, waving at us and thanking us for serving our beloved country. We appreciated the high school band starting the parade by playing The National Anthem, then marching in the parade and playing patriotic pieces along the route. We appreciated the bagpipe group, and all the other parade participants. The number of veterans who participated in the parade and the rest of the celebration was surprising to us! (Sabetha is a much smaller town, and so we don't have as many veterans as McPherson has.)
The high school band's rendition of The National Anthem at the Park Building (formerly the armory) was one of the most heartfelt and beautiful renditions that I have ever heard of our National Anthem! It brought tears to my eyes. And ending the program with what has almost become the military's  unofficial "second" national anthem, Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the U.S.A.," was a  special touch, especially with everyone standing up at the words "I will gladly stand up, next to you, and defend her still today!" and standing until the song was finished. I could also hear many besides Roger and me proudly singing along with Lee.
The radio station's live broadcast of the program in the Park Building was a special touch that we really appreciated. The free meals for the veterans - breakfast, lunch and supper -- made the day even more special to veterans by making it basically an all-day celebration.
We enjoyed being invited by Dan Hervey to participate in your Veterans Day celebration! All with whom we came in contact were very friendly and welcoming and made us feel special!

Patty Locher (a veteran of the Vietnam Conflict)
Sabetha, Kan.