McPherson’s first annual Commit to be Fit challenge has ended, with more than 250 individuals taking part in the program.
Awards for the winners were announced Sunday night at the community building.
“I’m proud of those who participated,” said Mayor Tom Brown at the awards ceremony. “I think we had a successful period of six weeks where we all focused on eating right and exercising.”
The top three winners in the individual and team categories were given a choice of prizes, including passes to both the YMCA and the Hess Fitness Center.
However, Brown hopes that community fitness will be more than a yearly event.
“We will try to go forward on this. There’s enough interest here to use whatever opportunities we have to promote other activities,” Brown said.
Those other activities, according to brown, are participating in runs organized by the YMCA, or scheduling more community walks.
Brown fared well during the challenge. His team, Brown Fit 4, came in first in the group competition.
However, as the mayor was involved with organizing and implementing the challenge, he was ineligible for the prize. Brown also came in fifth in the individual category.
Brown said most of his points came from having as many servings of vegetables as possible.

The top 10 winners
10- Sandi Berg
9- Carmen Ziesler
8- Kim Miller
7- Richard Robertson
6- Maureen Ensminger
5- Tom Brown
4- Dennis Shaw
3- Kathy Brown
2- Shannon Boyett
1- Gloria Carter

10- Prove it
9- Nuvita Group
8- We’re Loving It
7- FAMI, Too
6- Team Corbi
5- FOCAS Friends
4- Bad Boyz & A Girl
3- Slimarellas
2- The Zucchini Cupcakes
1- Brown Fit 4