The MAC Wrestling Club has competed in several tournaments this month.
Here are the results:
At Hillsboro
1st -- Lorenzo Cruzen, 6-and-under, 42 pounds; Alex Perkins, 8-and-under, 120 pounds; Andrew Trowbridge, 12-and-under, 76 pounds.
2nd -- Lewis Pettijohn, 6-and-under, 70 pounds; Jake Strawn, 10-and-under, 96 pounds; Austin Eldredge, 12-and-under, 82 pounds.
3rd -- Sailor Peterson, 6-and-under, 72 pounds; Jadeon Bratcher, 8-and-under, 54 pounds; Jonah Bratcher, 8-and-under, 56 pounds; Colten Eldredge, 8-and-under, 124 pounds; Ryder Peterson, 10-and-under, 110 pounds.
4th -- Lane Pettijohn, 8-and-under, 79 pounds; Noah Bratcher, 10-and-under, 74 pounds.
At Newton
1st -- Lorenzo Cruzen, 6-and-under, 43 pounds; Alex Perkins, 8-and-under, 110 pounds.
2nd -- Sailor Peterson, 6-and-under, 73 pounds; Colten Eldredge, 8-and-under, 125 pounds; Ryder Peterson, 10-and-under, 110 pounds.
3rd -- Jadeon Bratcher, 8-and-under, 55 pounds; Jonah Bratcher, 8-and-under, 58 pounds; Haley Schafer, 8-and-under, 88 pounds; Austin Eldredge, 12-and-under, 84 pounds.
4th -- Garrett Rausch, 10-and-under, 100 pounds.
Also competing were Jaycee Rausch and Noah Bratcher.
At Beloit
1st -- Jase Anderson, 6-and-under, 43 pounds; Landon Crews, 8-and-under, 55 pounds; Brynton Crews, 10-and-under, 70 pounds.
2nd -- Landon Thompson, 6-and-under, 55 pounds; Lane Thompson, 8-and-under, 110 pounds; Lane Pettijohn, 8-and-under, 80 pounds.
3rd -- Lewis Pettijohn, 6-and-under, 70 pounds; Luke Thompson, 12-and-under, 115 pounds.
The team returns to action Jan. 2 at Newton.