As a board member of and dog foster home for the McPherson County Humane Society, I would like to share a wonderful and meaningful experience that occurred a few years ago on Christmas Eve.
On December 23rd I received a phone call telling me about six dogs that were in a very desperate situation.  A mother dog and her six-month-old puppies had no place to stay.  The weather was bitter cold so we had contacted all local boarding facilities but all were full for the holiday.  I was faced with the decision of what to do with six lonely, dirty, hungry and frightened dogs.
My husband offered housing for the dogs in his machine shop here in McPherson.  After feeding them well I left them for the night.  The next day, December 24th Christmas Eve, I visited the dogs in the machine shop. It was again very cold and snowing lightly.  Since the shop had only a hard, cold concrete floor I brought some warm blankets and dog treats along with me.  The shop radio played Christmas songs and I sat down on the blankets in the middle of a simple, gray machine shop.  As I listened to my favorite Christmas song, “Silent Night Holy Night” amazingly the shy dogs began to come and lay around me.  They were no longer frightened.  It seemed that the dogs had sensed the Christmas Spirit in the air and so had I.   
I have traveled all over the world and enjoyed many Christmases but this cold Christmas Eve turned out to be a very warm and special experience and one I will never forget.  All six of the dogs were successfully adopted over the next few weeks.
Thanks again to everyone who helped out in such a time of need.  

Irmgard Eigruber