McPherson City Commissioners approved final payment for the McPherson Public Library project Monday, which will pay down $240,000.
City Administrator Nick Gregory said the amount, which has been raised with the city’s sales tax, was available. Next year, funds from the half-cent sales tax will begin to go toward the McPherson Opera House.
Gregory said the sales tax brought in more revenue this year, with $1,327,316 raised in 2009 and $1,345,878 raised in 2010. Gregory cautioned the total amount raised for 2010 could be more because revenue was counted with much of December remaining.
“It was a fairly good year considering all the things we’ve dealt with nationally with the economy,” Mayor Tom Brown said.
In other business:
The city completed several year-end items.
•Commissioners approved boundaries for the city, which must be done at the last meeting of the year. The change in the boundary from last year was the annexation of the Turkey Creek golf course, which added an additional 230 acres to the city.
•Commissioners also approved an annual agreement with Memorial Hospital for use of emergency services.
•Delinquent payments for city sewer and refuse services were written off by commissioners. In total, $9,121 in debt was written off.
•A three-month extension of custodial services was approved for the Municipal Building and Municipal Court. Commissioners did not approve a year-long agreement because once BPU leaves the Municipal Building, the custodial contract will have to be renegotiated.
•Commissioners also approved a change in ordinance related to RV parks. Gregory explained the amendment as attempting to clarify the language of the ordinance. Manufactured home courts were added to the definition and changes were made to the formula used to determine sewer and water rates.
•Vince Rocco, code enforcement officer, approached the commission about two properties containing vehicles that appeared to be in violation of code. Commissioners declared three vehicles inoperable at 509 N. Cherry and two vehicles inoperable at 718 E. Kansas.
•Gregory reminded commissioners that city offices will be closed Friday in observance of the coming new year.
•Brown made year-end remarks, thanking staff for their hard work.
“We’re thankful for the year,” Brown said. “We’ve had a lot of effort from staff and we’ve had a reasonably successful year.”
•Commissioners joked about an ongoing bet regarding Mayor Brown. The mayor is reported to have said he would swim in Turkey Creek in January if the city golf course broke even or turned a profit in 2010.
“I will take a dip, but I will hold out for official numbers,” Brown said. “I’m expecting the dip to come sometime in January.”