This family never believed we would ever have to do this, but here we go.
On Christmas morning, our father, Arlie Holm, had a massive heart attack and dad was taken to Lindsborg Hospital, which, in turn, sent him to Salina Regional. By that afternoon, he went in for triple bypass surgery. On Sunday, Dec. 26, the family was informed he needed to be transferred to Saint Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City, Mo. for a balloon procedure. This hospital is the only one that does this type of procedure. Dad was flown by plane to KC.
The family is trying to do the best that can, but money is getting very tight. They are now down to six people staying in one room for the night. We know that Medicaid only covers so much and we have no clue what this is going to cost in the long run, but as a family we are trying to stay strong.
Dad has been a part of McPherson County his entire life, trying to make a life with his farming. We do not know how long it will take to help him through this hard time. But, as a family, we are staying close to him. We know he hears us. He answers a question with a nod of his head.
So, if you can help just a little to help cover costs, this would be greatly appreciated. We re setting up an account at Great Plains Credit Union in dad’s name. The account number is 104926.

Thank you,

The Holm Family
McPherson County