I am tired of hearing Jerry Moran rant and rave against the national health care plan. There are many of us that thank our lucky stars for it.  Before, we could not get any kind of health insurance because of preexisting conditions.  But now we can because of an insurance program instituted by the state of Kansas. And had they not done this, the Federal Government would have administered it.  Many people are happy with the national plan, because now they can carry their children on their health insurance policies until age 26.   Jerry Moran reminds me of former governor George Wallace standing at the door of the school house blocking the entrance from little black children after the civil rights bill was passed. Our state legislators are also looking like Governor Wallace.  Come on guys, you have more important work to do to get people back to work, and to balance the budgets. As far as the budgets are concerned, everyone is ignoring the elephant that is in the room. The bloated military budget.

Gerry Bley