History was made by the National Football League at the Super Bowl! Someone in that organization was brave enough to schedule the musical rendition “America, the Beautiful” at the opening ceremony!
Now, Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL, needs to know of our appreciation! It was a thrill to hear those simple, singable words! The world heard the message from a powerful, forward-looking organization.
In 2004, I wrote to our former President George W. Bush and congressmen from Kansas, asking them “to replace the present national anthem with ‘America, the Beautiful.’”
Now I am writing  to President Obama, asking him to place the possibility on one of his “burners” for the future.
The poem, written from the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado, speaks of our history, pictures our land and describes our struggle to become who we really are.
We hope our children learn to sing the music and words often.
Thank you for your attention,

Gladys Naylor