There has yet to be a meeting of the minds between state house and senate lawmakers, as budget negotiations have stalled, and negotiators from each chamber are holding fast to their positions.
Governor Sam Brownback has requested spending cuts that would save the cash-strapped state $35 million by the end of the fiscal year on June 30.
The house is closest to Brownback’s mark, as its proposed budget cuts government programs and school aid to reach $35 million. However, the senate falls $3.6 million short of the house, as it seeks to preserve special education funding.
Should that special education funding be eliminated, stands to lose nearly $61 million in federal education funding.
“The house version (of the budget) spends a little less than the governor’s proposal and the senate version spends more,” said District 74 State Representative Don Schroeder. “But please remember that we are in the middle of the process and the House and Senate versions will have to be reconciled, or the Governor will have to act. Normally the end result is somewhere in the middle.”

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