The Smoky Valley Wrestling Club has been busy competing in recent tournaments.
At Hutchinson
1st -- Dawson Hogan and Beck Elliott.
2nd -- Dax Hopp, Denton Jacobson, Mitchell Maldenar and Noah Lackey.
3rd -- Ethan VanDorn.
4th -- Elijah Archuleta, Jace Irwin, Sterling Harp and Austin Golden.
Others competing were Trayton Miller, Ty Miller, Andrew Peters, Cort Elliott, Dylan Archuleta and Klayton Rick.
At Derby
2nd -- Ethan Wampler, Jon Burks and Alan Wampler.
4th -- Haven Lysell and Nate Grossland.
6th -- Brent Cantrell and Sterling Harp.
Also competing were Ryan Loder and Dawson Hogan.