The Kansas Agriculture and Rural Leadership program will accept applications through April 15 from state residents interested in participating in KARL’s 2011-13 Class XI.  This is the 20th Anniversary Class of the KARL Program.

The two-year program includes three study tours, as well as nine winter, 48-hour seminars at sites across the state, said KARL director Jack Lindquist. The program schedules its two national seminars and a “capstone” international tour for November-March – generally known as production agriculture’s “off season” in Kansas.

“KARL alumni and current class members both have gone out of their way to tell me that the 50-day commitment (over two years) is much more than just well worth the investment. It’s needed in today’s changing and competitive environment,” he said.  

Adrian Coberly, farm producer and KARL Class X member from Gove County recently spoke of the “wow” factor of the KARL Program.   

“The KARL class seminar experience guarantees that you will take home at least one (if not more) gem of an idea or piece of knowledge. And you will have the opportunity to network with some very sharp people,” he said.   

Class XI will begin its training in August with a weekend retreat. To be considered for that class, applicants must submit a completed profile form. The form is on the Web at or available at the KARL office at 785-532-6300.

The new 30-member class will be announced on June 1 after going through a selection process.

The criteria for eligibility are leadership experience and a devotion to Kansas agriculture and rural communities, Lindquist said. “Dedication to a more positive future is the key to being selected,” he said.

Tuition for the not-for-profit training program is $1,500 per year or a total of $3,000.  KARL donors pay the remainder of the expenses, nearly  $14,000 per person.

Lindquist said more details about what the curriculum will include and/or how to become a KARL supporter are available at or calling 785-532-6300.