On Wednesday, April 6, Memorial Hospital had the pleasure of hosting a group of 15 McPherson High School students and their sponsor, Sylvia Ehrlich, for the Big Event Day, which was well-promoted in The Sentinel.
On this day, the entire high school fanned out throughout our city to assist others in a wide variety of tasks. One can only imagine the logistical challenges involved! 
We want to report what a privilege it was for the hospital to be involved in such a worthwhile event.
Not only was our group prompt, but they were courteous, hard-working and seemed genuinely grateful for the opportunity to help us. We asked for help with a variety of tasks which they tackled with enthusiasm and without complaint. 
As hospital staff members and others who had the pleasure of working with these young people, on behalf of Memorial Hospital, we want to thank the organizers, high school, school district, sponsors, and especially our students and their teacher for their hard work and positive attitudes when asked to do some less-than-pleasant work.
They left behind more-organized work spaces, grateful hospital volunteers who enjoyed sharing what they do to assist each day, and beautified spaces for our patients, guests and employees to enjoy.
As a community, we can be proud of our youth and the educational system that allowed this opportunity for the giver and the receiver to benefit. 


Lori Koehn, Volunteer Services; Cyril Russell, Marketing; Danny Moore and James Wilson, Plant Operations; Glenn Tammen, Respiratory Care; Dani Crist, Hess Fitness Center; Brandon Labertew, Rehabilitation Services; Connie Grennan, Meals on Wheels