A project to improve the McPherson County asphalt plant may soon be under way.

A project to improve the McPherson County asphalt plant may soon be under way.
At its Tuesday meeting, the McPherson County Commission approved a request by Public Works Director Tom Kramer to solicit bids on improvements to its recycled asphalt pavement system.
The project to be bid on involves the construction of recycle bin footings and an 11-foot-tall retaining wall. Anticipated costs for concrete reach upward of $34,000, though the project will also require steel reinforcements.
Once completed, the system will allow the county to utilize asphalt materials that have been considered waste in the past. Kramer said the county likely will see annual savings of more than $100,000 once recycling structures are operational.

In other news:
• The county website is being redesigned for greater accessibility and increased visual appeal. Once completed, the website, found at www.mcphersoncountyks.us, will feature more pictures, drop-down menus, and links providing access to emergency and advisory information for weather and fire alerts.
• A change order was issued pertaining to the county’s contract with Abernathy Construction for sidewalk installation around the McPherson County Courthouse. An additional $2,100 was approved for the project to allow the installation of sidewalk drains. Additionally, it was agreed $2,000 above the original project cost of $37,000 had been approved as part of the acceptance of the project’s contract at the commission’s previous meeting. The total funds approved for construction on sidewalk improvements now stands at $41,100.
• Commissioners approved $11,255.16 to be spent on corrugated metal pipes for use in all remaining 2011 pipe projects. The materials will be used to replace timber structures on township roads in four projects in north McPherson County.
• Tom Kramer told the commission about developments surrounding a sinkhole on the Kansas Highway 81 Business Loop leading to Roxbury. Kramer said while the Kansas Department of Transportation plans to turn responsibility for the road over to the county, KDOT will have to address structural issues caused by the sinking before any transfer takes place.
• Notice was issued to Smoky Hill Township that the commission was considering the issuance of a cereal malt beverage license to the Lindsborg Golf Course.
• Commissioners signed a resolution waving requirements for the review of plats of survey by county surveyors prior to recording plats with the Register of Deeds. The opt-out was allowed by a recent bill passed by the Kansas Legislature and does not apply to subdivision, townhouse or condominium plats.
• County Administrator Rick Witte told the commission all Department of Motor Vehicle offices, including the McPherson location, will be closed Dec. 1 through 7.
• Linda Paul, register of deeds, received permission to purchase a new color copier/printer for use by county offices. The unit will cost $11,295, with all associated costs to be taken from the county’s technology fund.