The McPherson Healthcare Foundation recently held its auction., an annual event that raises thousands of dollars with a portion of the funds designated for improvements or equipment at McPherson Hospital. In recent years, a popular component of the auction, in addition to the silent and traditional auction, has been the “itemless auction items.”  These are preselected items specifically focused on an area of the hospital needing either new equipment or upgrades. The dollars needed to achieve these goals is known in advance rather than having bidders place their highest bids. Participants are asked to pledge the amount needed. This year, patient rooms were a key area of focus for improvements. Working with hospital leadership, the Foundation determined upfront costs to upgrade several patient rooms with new carpeting, paint and lighting. The Foundation and auction committee established a goal of remodeling five patient rooms on the medical/surgical third floor of the hospital. Thanks to the generosity of bidders at the auction, financial commitments were made to fund the renovation of seven patient rooms at a total cost of $14,350. Chad Clark executive director of the healthcare Foundation said, “I was genuinely pleased with the generosity shown by those who sponsored the upgrade of these rooms. We asked for $2,050 for each room to be upgraded and within a matter of moments, our goal had been exceeded.” McPherson Hospital CEO Rob Monical commented, “We are extremely grateful to those in attendance at the auction for their understanding of our needs to keep patient care areas up to date, and for responding to that call in such a generous way.  Through the Foundation, they are making a significant statement that quality facilities are important in our community, and we will strive every day to honor that commitment by providing the best care possible.” Work is expected to begin soon on the room upgrades, Monical said.