Editor: I am filing to run for governor based upon my belief that free societies are the greatest generators of social progress, sustainable prosperity and well-being.   My qualifications are that  I can read the mission statements of the websites of the Fred C. and Mary R. Koch Foundation and of the Koch Cultural Trust ran by Elizabeth (Liz) Koch. I can make their words come to life.   I foresee my biggest challenge to be the mission statement of the website of Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, which has been split into two separate entities — The Charles Koch Charitable Foundation and the Charles Koch Institute.  The mission statements on these websites are the paradigm we face today in Kansas. The governor’s town hall meeting on Nov. 16 in Wichita was his best work during his first year.   He slashed without mercy with facts justified by experts. He looked into the future for a better solution, a sense of hope and found nothing.   He was successful in hurting children in poverty. His approval rating among his peers has to be at a lifetime high.  The finger now points to the Floridians, Secretary of SRS Rob Siedlecki and his deputy Pedro Moreno. Gentlemen, your answer of “we will deal with that later” is no longer acceptable.   By this editorial you are being given notice that “later” is today.   — Randy?Conyers McPherson