Third-graders at Eisenhower Elementary School were the headquarters of a book collection project that resulted in the donation of 490 pieces of reading material for families in Kansas City.
The one-and-a-half-week project, which ended earlier in the month, was a service project the school did for the organization Watershed. The organization’s main project for the Christmas season was to give every child in a specific neighborhood access to books.
Students in Carmen Zeisler’s classroom collected, counted, graphed and boxed the books, which far exceeded their original goal of 100.
“It is good to be able to share a book that I have already enjoyed,” Lexi Kynaston said.
“It feels good to help with community,” Katie Berg said.
“Now everyone can read a great book,” said Lindzie Archer, who added she enjoys reading. “I think it’s fun listening to all the characters and reading all about how, in mystery books, they find out all the stuff in the end.”
Zeisler is glad to help families have reading material.
“It was amazing for us to think that there are children who do not have access to books,” said Zeisler. “We read books all the time.
“It was also wonderful for the students to figure out how to get the word out about this project, from talking with Mr. Marshall, to making posters for the school, to the collecting of the books, and graphing how many books we collected.”