We've all seen or read human-interest stories about how some person, in an obscure part of the world, discovers an uncanny likeness of a religious or historical figure on an inanimate object, and thousands of folks travel to that obscure part of the world, hoping to get a glimpse of the object. The likeness might manifest itself on a piece of bark, a screen door, a potato chip, a slice of toasted bread, conceivably just about anything...and, yes, even on a waffle.
Based on the column title, you may have the impression that this was about such a story – a story of an ordinary person living some place like Muleshoe, Texas, who opens up his or her package of frozen waffles one morning, only to discover that one of the waffles bears an uncanny likeness of the President of the United States. Naturally, he or she would post a video of the Obama Waffle on YouTube, which would go viral in no time. Thousands, if not millions, would make the pilgrimage to Muleshoe, Texas, hoping to get a mere glimpse of the Obama Waffle.
That would be such a fun story. But, sadly, that's not what this column is about.
No, the Obama Waffle to which I refer, is the president's sudden change of heart regarding same-gender marriage. But, this column isn't about the merits, or faults, of same-gender marriage, either. This column is about the reaction by a fawning political left — and their faithful companion, the main-stream media — to the announcement. It's, also, about their attitude toward challenger Mitt Romney's position on the same issue.
The president's change of position was hailed as courageous, and was said to be the result of “evolving” thought. Evolution, indeed. He made it clear, in 2008, a few days before the election: “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not in favor of gay marriage.” That same year he told Reverend Rick Warren that marriage is a “union between a man and a woman,” adding that it is a “sacred union” with “God in the mix.” However, he told a Chicago gay newspaper, in 1996, while running for the Illinois state senate: “I favor legalizing same-sex marriage.” Is his position “evolving” or revolving?
When Mitt Romney was running for the U.S. Senate in 1994, he promised to be a champion for "full equality" for gays and lesbians - which many understood to include gay marriage. Recently, however, he has emphatically stated, "My view is that marriage itself is a relationship between a man and a woman. And that's my own preference." It seems that Romney has done a bit of “evolving” himself, though we dare not call it that.
According to the left — and their faithful companion, the main- stream media — Mr. Romney positions — they are labeled and treated differently. Apparently, as a Republican, Romney is incapable of “evolving.” He is capable only of flip-flopping. Conversely, as a Democrat, Obama is incapable of flip-flopping. Understand? Neither do I. It's why I'm advocating the strict and exclusive use of the term “waffle” to describe politically motivated changes-of-heart...not to mention the the fact that I really love waffles.
Regardless of whether you call it “evolving,” “flip-flopping,” or “waffling,” as long as we have election cycles, it's likely to continue. That's the bad news.
But, there's good news, too. It's likely you won't need search for it on YouTube. Nor, will you need to travel all the way to Muleshoe, Texas to see an Obama waffle.