Are dreams the start of fiction writing? They can be, and letting go to write from the corners of the mind can be both thrilling and strange at the same time. 

I believe that dreams and fiction writing can be related. After all, what is fiction but a written dream? I often think it fun to just sit down and let my mind go and write the thoughts as they come, no matter how whacky they may be. I wonder at times what I could come up with? One of our local writers, Carla Barber, does this so well in her books and poetry, and I must say, sometimes I think, "where did that stuff come from?" I envy her ability to let go and write! An open and free thinking writer can lure the most interesting things out of every crack and crevice of the mind, and often I believe, the sub-conscience or a dream state. I recently wrote a poem about a couple of foxes talking about the differences of the have foxes and the have not foxes. I do not know where that all came from, but I was willing to let my mind take over and my fingers type it out. Some think it my best poem! Laboring over a typewriter trying to conjure something up is no fun, and although a seasoned writer can accomplish great works this way, I prefer the free thinking, I'll call it the 'inspired' writing process. Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream and maybe a story or two while you're at it!