Inspiration lines:


A bird on a wire in the light of a full moon

A child with a dripping ice cream cone

A bus load of students at McDonalds after the game

A parked convertible with a dog sitting in the driver's seat

A man wearing a kilt 

A great line from a book you've recently read

Trips one has taken, or not taken! 

Visitors from another planet, be it good or bad

Work piled high on one's desk

A wounded soldier on a hill holding his weapon in honor

People of all races, ages, shapes and sizes 


Heart felt love toward anything and everything including bing cherries or peaches

Moving from one place to another, the look forward and the glance back

Summer heat and winter cold


 This list is a very short representation of inspirations, some have inspired me personally, other writers I know.    Inspiration is a wind that blows and in a split second sparks a firestorm of thought, provoking a writer to catch the thoughts and get them down on paper. 


I challenge our readers and writers to take something from the list above and write a line or a poem around the inspiration. It will be fun, trust me. If you want to submit it, you can email to: