If it weren’t so frightening and dangerous, the repeated episodes of Mitt Romney showing just how little he knows would be laughable.

If it weren’t so frightening and dangerous, the repeated episodes of Mitt Romney showing just how little he knows would be laughable. On this his first world tour (his supposed introduction to and claim of, a place on the world stage) he’s so far been able to anger the British and enrage the Palestinians.
His stupid questioning of the Brit’s ability to host the 2012 Olympic Games was thoughtless and arrogant. He insinuated that his handling of the Salt Lake City games should be the model for this year’s London Olympiad. He rudely questioned the preparations and capabilities of the English. He angered the host country and raised the anxiety of those attending. He sure made America look foolish.
Then in Israel, he forcefully declared America should protect Israel even if the Jews launch a pre-emptive attack on Iran. He then affronted every Arab Palestinian by announcing that Jerusalem always had been and always should be the capital of Israel.  Such an unhistorical pronouncement is insulting and inflammatory to the Palestinians.   
It is only the Jews and their myopic reading of their own Holy Scripture that allow such a claim. This self-serving interpretation of Hebrew Scripture has been used to validate the events regarding the State of Israel since its inception in 1948. To the Jews, Israel’s aggressive conquests of Palestine in ’48 and Jerusalem and the West Bank in ’67 are simply the fulfillment of the Hebrew prophecies. According to them, the“Holy Land” was given by God exclusively to the Hebrew people, and anyone else inhabiting it is an intruder and enemy.  To the Jews, only Jews have a right to Palestine. Since Jerusalem was the historic capital of the ancient Hebrew Davidic Empire, then Jerusalem belongs to Israel as its capital, regardless of many legitimate claims by other peoples.
The Hebrews only held hegemony over the area for some 600 years of the nearly 4,000 of its recorded history. The Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Turkish Ottomans, and then the British all ruled in and from Jerusalem. Powerful and formative events of the three great monotheistic religions occurred there.
Modern Israeli’s have only their own self serving reading of their Old Testament upon which to claim for themselves all the lands we call Holy. For a powerful American politician to accept that questionable claim of the Jews even more alienated the Arab world.
As a Christian, I accept and give thanks that salvation came through the Jews. The Lord Jesus, however, brought fulfillment of all Hebrew prophecies.  In Him, the old covenant was abrogated, and all humanity was embraced in the saving grace of God. In this new relationship, a chosen people became irrelevant. All were invited to dwell with the Lord as He promised to dwell within them. The human heart became God’s focus, not any earthly city.
Jerusalem is important for its sacred history, but Jews have no claim to Jerusalem as a divinely awarded capital.
These modern Israeli’s are no more the “Hebrew Children” of Scripture than are today’s Native American casino operators the Teepee dwellers of the early west. Suppose Native Americans claimed that based upon their sacred scriptures, North America had been given exclusively to them by God. If then the world awarded them only a part of that claim, making all non-Native Americans in the forfeited land subject to their new rulers, allowing resident homes and property to be confiscated, and any trouble makers herded into squalid refugee camps for decades,  I believe there would be many Americans longing for vengeance; even violence. Is it any wonder then that displaced Palestinians feel a fury that unleashes terror?
The repeated plea of “poor tiny” Israel surrounded by the mighty hostile Arab nations is absurd. Thanks to America’s annual $3 billion aid package, Israel has a robust economy, the strongest military force in the region, and is the only nuclear power in the area (a reality accepted without objection by the U.S.).  
When the erstwhile Republican nominee for President of the USA so blatantly accepts, affirms and celebrates the bogus claims of the Israeli’s, he only reaps the same harvest that his predecessor gained by his illegal, unnecessary and immoral attacks on two Arab nations that had not harmed America: increased Arab hatred for everything American.
Then his praise of Israeli social superiority resulting from their superior culture was a racist judgment to every Palestinian.  Romney again intensified Arab hatred toward America. He is either totally arrogant and out of touch, or he’s just plain stupid. I’m not sure which I prefer.
Peace in the “land we call Holy” can happen only when the distorted history forced upon the world by the Israeli’s is finally freed from their own privileged interpretation.
Then the just rights of the conquered, displaced, and oppressed Palestinians must be recognized and redress rendered. Sadly this will not happen until America ceases to fund, arm and support without objection the aggression, occupation and subjugation of the indigenous people of the land.
Let both candidates advocate such a shift in foreign policy, and the Israel’s will negotiate and capitulate their continued illegal behavior of conquest and confiscation.
A campaigning politician, who always panders to his audience, should stay out of things he knows little or nothing about; especially pompous and pious proclamations that could cause war.
Romney needs to be reined in before he ignites a conflagration. Let’s all hope that Mitt Romney stays home.