We would like to thank all the candidates who chose to run this election cycle — win or lose.

We would like to thank all the candidates who chose to run this election cycle — win or lose.
Much time, money and energy is required to run for political office. Elections make our democracy go round, and more voices in the democracy makes our governmental system stronger.
Congratulations to the those candidates who won their respective races in the primary Tuesday.
Several of the races were tight, and McPherson County voters turned out in good numbers to support their candidates.
Although local primaries typically garner lower voter turnout rates than general elections, with 32 percent voter turnout McPherson County outpaced the 20 percent predicted by McPherson County Clerk Cathy Schmidt and the statewide prediction of 18 percent.
It still remains a sad commentary that only one-third of local voters participated in this election, but we applaud those who did venture out to the polls to exercise their Constitutional right to vote.
Although Schmidt has worked for many years in the County Clerk’s Office, this was her first time running an election as county clerk, as she was appointed to take the position vacated by Susan Meng when Meng retired this spring.
Schmidt and her staff did an excellent job. The election ran smoothly, and results were released in a timely manner.
Primary elections can be pivotal times in local government. Because of Kansas’ strong Republican concentration, many local elections are decided during primary races.
Four local contested races were decided in the primary.
These included Schmidt being elected to her appointed position as county clerk; Laurie Wiziarde being elected as register of deeds, Brenda Becker being re-elected as treasurer, and David Page being re-elected as county attorney.
Candidates in three races will face off in the general election. These include Republican Clark Shultz and Democrat Pamela Lawson for the Kansas House Dist. 73 seat; and Republican Linus Linaweaver and Democrat Bob Carson for the McPherson County Commission Dist. 2 seat. Jesse Bryant, who lost to Jay Emler in the Republican primary, said he will face Emler this time as a Libertarian in the general election.
Coming in November also will be the big one — the presidential election.
Although Kansas has typically been a red state, voters of all parties need to stand up and make their voices heard for their candidate.
The deadline to register to vote for the general election if you are not already registered is Oct. 16. The general election is Nov. 6.
Let’s show the state McPherson’s strong civic pride during the general election. Please register and vote.

— Cristina Janney for The McPherson Sentinel Editorial Board