I want to offer comment on Amy Gehrt’s “Chick-fil-A takes a stand against equality” (Aug 3).

I want to offer comment on Amy Gehrt’s “Chick-fil-A takes a stand against equality” (Aug 3).
Ms. Gehrt obviously endorsed the actions of the mayors of Chicago, San Francisco and Boston.
Therefore it is a surprise that she said CEO Cathy could “say whatever he likes,” but found it reprehensible that he supports “anti-gay groups, such as Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council.” It is unfortunate she sees these pro-family organizations as anti-gay when both offer help to gays. The help they provide is to regain and restore the God-given heterosexual attraction for both gays and lesbians. Unfortunately, organizations such as GLAAD refuse to acknowledge the restoration of individuals and families when delivered from this lifestyle.
Ms. Gehrt also found it hypocritical that Chick-fil-A serves pork when her Old Testament reference prohibited eating that unclean animal. I am certain CEO Cathy has found the New Testament clearly removed that law when Peter received the vision of four-footed animals and was told to kill and eat (Acts 11: 7). Jesus also refuted the law concerning “unclean” foods when dealing with the Scribes and Pharisees: “Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man: but what comes out of the man, this defiles a man.” (Matthew 15:11).
Finally, as to the polls showing the majority of Americans agree with her, this is not borne out by the more than 30 states which have voted to uphold the traditional definition of marriage. It is not bigotry and hatred to hold to the sacred and divine plan for all people.
Thank you for sharing my comments.