The renowned author and biographer, Jean Edward Smith, has written the most recent story about President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The renowned author and biographer, Jean Edward Smith, has written the most recent story about President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Of all the biographies of Ike that have been written, this may be the very best ever. All Americans and especially Kansans should read it. There have been accusations of fellow Republicans becoming a RINO. I am not sure what is exactly meant by this term, but the evidence is overwhelming that Eisenhower was one. Consider the following. In the midst of unwarranted attacks by Joe McCarthy, Ike delivered a graduation speech to graduates of Dartmouth College that said you should read all the books in the library. The only censorship should be those books that offend you. Eisenhower instructed his closest aide to work up a plan for government health care, which was like what he had in the army. As president, Eisenhower sponsored the largest government spending program in history. That was the Interstate Highway System of which we are all beneficiaries. Some of his closest associates in Congress were people like Lyndon Johnson. He often remarked that it was easier to work with members of the opposition party than his own. He appointed Earl Warren as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Warren became one of the most liberal justices in history. He expanded civil liberties to an unheard of proportion. The most challenging domestic issue for the president was in the Little Rock Central High School. Critics claimed it was an overreach of federal power on the states. In foreign affairs, Eisenhower supported Egypt in the Suez crisis at the expense of Israel, Great Britain and France. Never was the popularity of the United States so high with other third world nations. Even though President Eisenhower was a military man, he reduced military spending. He was able to convince his own party it could be done without jeopardizing American security. By taking this action, he was able to balance the budget three times as president. Eisenhower was deeply concerned about long-range plans for nuclear weapons. As a general and observer at Potsdam, he was the only one to voice objections to the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan. I could go on and on about his peace initiatives as president. We come back to the initial question. Is the Republican Party one of Lincoln and Eisenhower? Which are the true Republican principals? Is there room in the party today for either an Eisenhower or a Lincoln? Are these two great Americans Republican in name only? I urge you to read this book and make your own determination.