The heat wave has broken. In the evenings the shadows are growing longer, and a cool breeze sometimes makes an appearance.

The heat wave has broken. In the evenings the shadows are growing longer, and a cool breeze sometimes makes an appearance. The early mornings are darker.  A few dry leaves skitter down the sidewalk. Fall is coming, and after the summer we’ve had, people are counting the days.
Throughout the fall the McPherson Public Library will promote many exciting services, resources and events.   And as you are a reader of this column, I’m going to give you a sneak peek at some of them:

Yes, we have eBooks!
Did you know you can download eBooks free of charge from the McPherson Public Library?  If you didn’t, you are not alone: a recent nationwide survey found 55 percent of American adults were unaware  they could borrow eBooks from their local public library.  Simply visit our website at and click on the Collection Central button to get started. Now you know — and you’re no longer one of the 55 percent.

Wallowing         in books
When it comes to advice about what book to read next, the staff at the public library is ready and waiting to assist you. But sometimes, when you’re at home or elsewhere, you want to explore what’s out there in the world of books.  NoveList Plus is the ultimate readers’ advisory resource for all ages.  You can search for readalikes in a large number of genres and subjects. Book discussion groups will appreciate their large selection of book discussion guides.
To dive into NoveList, visit and select the Resources for Readers option on the left side of the homepage.

Forty languages spoken here
Have you ever wanted to learn an additional language?  Another new resource we will be promoting this fall is Mango Languages, which allows you to study one of 40 foreign languages from the basic conversational level to more advanced study. Mango also includes 16 courses for persons studying English as a second language.
All you need is your library card. If you’re ready to learn a new lingo, visit our website at and select the Online Resources option on the left side of the homepage.

It’s all yours  automatically
Many patrons are signed up for our Automatic Advance Reserve program, where members are automatically placed on the reserve list (in random order) whenever one of their favorite authors publishes a book. This fall we’ve made major changes to the list of available authors in the AAR program, dropping some who were no longer writing or unpopular and adding many new ones. Stop by the library and see the new authors.

In November and December, the library will present a special exhibit in the meeting room.  “Unknown: Mystery Portraits from The Linn Peterson Collection” will feature portraits from the library photograph collection which date from the 1800s and the turn of the century and about whose subjects nothing is known.
It’s going to be a great fall at the library!

Steve Read is the director of the McPherson Public Library.