Turkey Creek and McPherson Country Club golfers to duel.

Coinciding with the Ryder Cup that gets under way Friday in Chicago, it’s time for the eighth annual McPherson Cup, which this year will be contested at Turkey Creek Golf Course.
The competition has been hotly contested in recent years, despite the fact Turkey Creek holds a 5-2 lead in the series. Except for one year, there has been plenty of suspense.
Last year’s matches came down to the final group, as Turkey Creek’s Alan Porter and Gary Hess both won singles matches to secure a 17 1/2-14 1/2 Creek victory.
Matches will be played both Saturday and Sunday, with the opening-day action starting at 9 a.m., in which various formats are played, while Sunday’s play, which starts at noon, features singles play only. There are both handicap and scratch matches.