1st Dist. Rep. Tim Huelskamp visited manufacturing facilities Tuesday in McPherson during a listening tour stop in the area.

1st Dist. Rep. Tim Huelskamp visited manufacturing facilities Tuesday in McPherson during a listening tour stop in the area.
Huelskamp made stops at Nation Pizza, American Maplan and Ferguson Production.
He said local industrial leaders expressed concerns about economic uncertainty.
“They want to roll back Obamacare,” he said. “One business had a 37 percent increase this year in their premiums. This year they are absorbing that and not passing it on to their employees, but that can go on forever.
“They want to know what their tax rate will be and have relief from regulations. They would like to hire more people.”
Huelskamp said little or no movement will be made on health care until after the November election. If Republicans take Congress, an another effort will be made to repeal Obamacare.
If the Affordable Health Care Act is repealed, Huelskamp said Republicans would take the next one to two years to implement their own health overhaul.
Huelskamp stressed the importance of addressing Medicare reform. Medicare is projected to be broke within the next six years. Huelskamp proposes leaving benefits in place for those 55 and older, but increasing the retirement age for younger Americans.
He said he also supports tort reform as a means of reducing high costs associated with the practice of defensive medicine.
“I visited the Salina medical school campus. They are doing a great job in training doctors for rural areas,” he said. “However, they have one word when it comes to tests. That’s yes. The question is not whether it is medically necessary, but whether it is legally necessary.”
Huelskamp also advocates allowing consumers to purchase health care across state lines and widening opportunities for health savings accounts.
Congress will look at tax issues and the Farm Bill when it returns to session. The House has reauthorized the Bush and Obama tax cuts, but the Senate has not.
Huelskamp said he did not vote for the latest budget bill because he did not approve of continued foreign aid to Muslim countries, including Libya, Egypt and Pakistan.
“They are not our allies,” Huelskamp said. “Pakistan has jailed the doctor who exposed the location of Bin Laden. Libya has proven it will not protect our embassy. We had hope for the Arab spring and that no radical Islamic sects would take over these countries, but that is not the reality,” he said.
Huelskamp also expressed concerns about Iran. He said the people of Kansas have expressed to him support for the U.S. alliance with Israel.
“Iran is dedicated to destroying Israel,” he said. “When they stand in front of the UN and say this, they are serious.”