An ongoing Moundridge Elementary School fundraiser will allow house curbs to be the steps to learning.

An ongoing Moundridge Elementary School fundraiser will allow house curbs to be the steps to learning.
The district’s Parents and Teachers Together group is painting house numbers on curbs throughout the town to raise money for an interactive climbing wall.
Using donated road paint, a white rectangle is drawn on a curb, or driveway or mailbox for those without one. The house number is painted in black on top, with an option for a wildcat paw at the right for an additional fee.
The fundraiser was spurred by the request of local emergency responders, who desired the numbers so houses could be identified more quickly.
“We thought it would be a good fundraiser to offer safety and security, and also allow the community to show some school spirit,” Kylie Goering, PATT member, said.
Parents and Teachers Together are charging $10 for the number and an additional $2 for the school's mascot paw.
The funds are being put toward a Magna Wall, a traversing wall with a magnetic, colorful surface that will allow students to climb on the rocks to spell words and participate in other learning activities. The wall is about eight feet tall and 25 feet wide.
“It not only offers students motor skill challenges, but it also offers them study skills,” Goering said. “They're getting mentally challenged as well as physically challenged.”
The fundraising campaign began last spring as a way to add to the funds already raised for the Magna Wall. The new addition will cost $6,800, and $3,400 has been raised for the wall.
“As we were researching it, our hope was that we could get something in the gym that would help engage more students at a time,” Brian Holloway, former physical education teacher, said. “With our small gym, and large class size — 32 at the time —  I wanted to be sure to keep all kids active for more time. This wall would accomplish that. With this, half the students could be on the floor playing a game, and the other half on the wall.”
Painting was halted during the warmer months, but the cooler weather has allowed the heat-sensitive painting to continue. Parents and Teachers Together plans to continue painting curbs, even if all the funds are raised.
Sixth-grader Alyssa Goering and fourth- grader Braden Schmidt already have painted some of these curbs.
“It was fun to paint,” Schmidt said. “I think it’s important for the kids to help do the work because it will go a lot faster that way.”
“I’m very artistic, so I liked painting the numbers,” Goering said. “I’m glad it’s helping the school because I know a lot of kids at the elementary are excited about getting the rock wall.”
Kolene Sugars, who lives on the 200 block of Blake Avenue, has had her curb painted.
“A house number could be anywhere on a house,” she said. “It’s not standardized. I’m looking everywhere when I’m looking for one. For me, it’s almost easier if you know where to look.”
Although the family already had their house number on their mailbox and above their garage, they wanted to support the school.
“With all the budget cuts during the last few years, with every school district, any money maker is important,” she said. “If your school suffers, the community suffers. Even if I didn't have kids in school, I would support it, it’s too important of an entity to not support — anything we can do to help.”
Sign-up sheets for are available at Moundridge Elementary School and the district office.