​Why we need Brian Bina, Republican, for McPherson County Attorney:

Why we need Brian Bina, Republican, for McPherson County Attorney:
1. Inability to work with local law enforcement. The relationship between our local prosecutor and law enforcement is critical to justice in our county. David Page has destroyed his relationship with nearly all officers in the McPherson County Sheriff’s Office, the McPherson Police Department and police departments from other cities in our country. Due to lack of cooperation from Mr. Page, many local law enforcement officers are encouraging county residents to write-in Brian Bina.
2. Created unresolved financial problems. Shortly after winning the primary, Mr. Page unilaterally changed the procedures for filing criminal charges in the county, pushing additional responsibilities and expense on local law enforcement and agencies throughout the county after budgets were completed.
3. Failure to file cases. According to local law enforcement agencies, McPherson County has a huge backlog of unfiled cases, some of which are for serious offenses. At the same time, Mr. Page continued to pursue a number of frivolous cases.
4. Excessive plea bargaining. Plea bargaining is not always a bad thing, but when done excessively, it can be to the detriment of our county.
For effective communication, effective decision making and aggressive prosecution, write in Brian Bina for McPherson County Attorney on Nov. 6 and remember to fill in the oval.
—Juanita Hanson