The Inman Wellness Center is hosting a variety of new participants for its eighth annual health fair from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday.
Almost 20 businesses and organizations — about half of them providing a fresh perspective — will be present information on services and help attendees further determine their own health status. A number of prizes also will be available.
“It’s a chance to see what’s available in the area for different types of people and see what organizations have to offer,” Kendee Schroeder, Wellness Center director, said, who added many will remember the local services later when they need it.
The Inman Fire Department will provide information about drunk driving and use visual impairment goggles to show what it looks like to walk while intoxicated.
“When you put on those goggles when you’re sober, you’re going to understand more how that impairment affects you,” Schroeder said, adding this realization will be true especially for teens.
The McPherson Family Life Center will give social and emotional screenings for children newborns to 5 year olds. The Kansas Lions Club’s mobile screening unit also will provide free screening for youth and adults, including a vision screening for children six months to preschool age to detect problems before they may become apparent to the parents or doctor.
“It’s always nice to have health screenings,” Schroeder said. “Some people don’t realize they have the potential for certain problems. All those things are very important for your health.”
A new gun store in the area, Inman Arms LLC, will educate attendees on the availability of their personal self-defense and handgun and firearm safety classes. Several classes have taken place so far, and interest is high, owner Michael James said.
“They've very excited about it,” James said of the women’s classes, led by wife, Debbie. “In this day in age, it’s almost a necessity. Everyone should know how to defend themselves.”
Lori Bengston, Vine Designs owner and designer, will bring various fresh herbs and flowers with strong fragrances and discuss the historical and contemporary health and wellness benefits. Potential candidates are sage, rosemary, eucalyptus, bay leaf, cedar, mint and lavender.
“I think essential oils and fragrances are really beneficial to your overall health and happiness and give you a sense of well being,” she said. “A lot of people don’t get to see some of these plants and herbs in the fresh form, and I hope they get to see where they come from and what they’re used for.”
As part of the annual tradition, a helicopter with Lifeteam Flight Crew will make a landing appearance and allow guests to tour the inside of the tiny craft. Schroeder said this is a highlight of the event for many. Tours of an ambulance based in Hutchinson also will be available.
Other featured booths will include massages from several local practices and information on smoking, kinesio taping, exercise, nutrition, body fat and how to loose weight.
“I think it’s a great event for all ages, there should be something that sparks the interest of any age group,” Schroeder said.